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1.Vision and Mission

The establishment of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (hereafter referred to as DME) dates back to 1932, as one of the pioneering engineering departments not only at Tsinghua University but also around China. The DME is at the core of Tsinghua's grand vision to be a globally leading university in 2030, aiming to foster its pioneering position among the world-class research-oriented universities. By the year 2020, the DME encompasses six major research institutes and seven platforms (Labs, research centers, and affiliated institutes) within three subject directions, with 168 faculty members and 1,397 students. The DME is contributing to the global science and engineering frontiers through cutting-edge research and education on fundamentals of the mechanical interface, robotic and intelligent manufacturing, extreme non-equilibrium processing equipment and technology, bio-fabrication, and medical apparatus, as well as IC equipment and precision control, etc. By strengthening the basics of science and engineering principles and establishing productive education and research with in-depth expertise, the DME continues to sustain its leading role as the nation's best and largest research-oriented engineering department. Aiming to meet the growing demand of talents with creativity, solid professional skills, commitment, and global vision, the DME talent cultivation is highlighted through the continuous pursuit of excellence by offering interdisciplinary education based on a strong academic foundation and resources to initiate Global research on the essential issues for the future of humanity.

2. Highlights

——Concentrating on the international academic frontier.

——Emphasizing science and technology: Advanced design technology and digitalization; Manufacturing technology and material science; Surface/interface theory and technology; Bio-fabrication science and technology; Robot technology; Intelligent control technology and modern management.

——Focusing research and talent cultivation recourses: State key Laboratories; High-quality teaching platform; High-level supervisors; Integrated engineering education system with the joint laboratories of college and enterprise; International cooperation platform with world top-level universities.

——Teaching goals: Creativity; Philosophical thinking; Engineering design experience and thinking; Cross-cultural cooperation and International vision.

The People of DME

At present, there are 168 registered faculties in DME, including 48 full-time professors, 76 associate professors, and 139 teaching faculties with doctoral degrees, plus 82 post doctors and 128 contractors that are extensively engaged in research activities. The academic research board of DME consists of scholars and notables that are playing leading roles in their fields, including 5 renowned fellow academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science & Engineering.

Research Facilities

By the year 2020, the DME encompasses 6 major research institutes and 7 platforms (such as labs, research centers, and affiliated institutes) within 3 subject directions as demonstrated below. Please visit our departmental website at for detailed information regarding the institutes and labs.

Global Influence and Partnership

3 Directors or Execution Committees of World Renowned Scientific Institute:

22 Editors in Chief and Members of Editorial Board of International Journals:

The DME has been focusing on not only fundamentals frontier subjects but also national strategic demands and has obtained many influential achievements in both fundamental and applied research, such as mechanical interfacial and tribological research; micro-nano manufacturing; biomedical and mechanical engineering; IC manufacturing equipments; aerospace manufacturing technologies; energy equipment manufacturing; intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent robots and service robots; special processing technologies and equipment. Notable representative research achievements include:

Research on SuperlubricationMechanical Interfacial and Tribological Research

  • A new super lubrication system has been discovered which can undertake a significant amount of payload while remaining super lubricated, reducing the friction coefficient by two orders of magnitude. A phenomenon of controllable friction has been uncovered, achieving the realization of controllable friction coefficient in a wide range (by 5 times) with instantaneity (1s).

Interfacial Effect Induced Marangoni ConvectionMechanical Interfacial and Tribological Research, State Natural Science Award 2nd Prize Awarded 2018

  • A phenomenon of Marangoni flow was uncovered within water droplets. A surface temperature distribution equation of evaporated droplets was created and therefore to realize the drying and cleaning of the wafers by employing Marangoni Effect. An unsolved problem on whether there exists a Marangoni Flow in water that had been puzzling for centuries was successfully settled down.  Related outcomes have been applied to wafer surface drying and cleaning and realizing a dent-free polishing of a single atomic layer on the wafer surface.

Flexible Moisture Generator Device /Miniature energy storage device (Micro/Nano Fabrication

  • A new method of moisture power generation (hydroelectric generator, HEG) based on TiO2 "sandwich" structure nanowire network was developed, and a self-powered flexible finger touchpad and respiration detector had been constructed to track the contact position of the user's finger and to realize the real-time monitoring of the respiration state of the human body. These technologies provide a solid technical foundation for the development of new generation electronic technology and the application of the Internet of Things (IoT).Adv. Mater. 2018, 1705925Journal Cover Articles. A composite technology based on femtosecond laser direct writing and precise electrolyte induced transfer have been developed. A high-performance ultra-micro graphene supercapacitor was achieved, which is conducive to promoting the development and design of high-performance micro-nano systems.ACS Appl. Mater. Inter. 2018, 10,54045412

Bio-manufacturingBiomedical Machinery

  • The report of the world-first construction of Tumor Model in Vitro by 3D Printing Technology: The cells' morphology, protein secretion function, and drug response results in the in vitro tumor model are closer to the real clinical outcomes and are significantly superior to the tumor cells developed by the conventional two-dimensional culture.

The Nectar Drinking Mechanism of Bee and Its Synergy of Its Mouth Part and Abdominal

Bionic Design of Morphing Nose Cone on Arial Vehicle

Lubrication-Drug Delivering Nano-ParticlesInterdisciplinary

  • A fibrous membrane for regulating osteogenesis-osteoclast behavior was successfully developed in collaborating with the Stemmatological Hospital of Peking University, thus, realizing the bone defect’s rapid repair. The paper was published on Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 60-71 (Outer Cover Page).

Key Technologies and Equipment of Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) for Integrated Circuit Manufacturing

  • The Successfully development of China’s first 12-inch diameter “Wet-free Inlet and Outlet” CMP complete machine for commercial, which is also among the world-leading position by its technological advantage;

  • The industrialization of a mass production line with 24 CMP reaches a total annual production of more than a million 12-inch wafers, generating a gross income of 30 million Yuan with a revenue of more than 50 million RMB;

  • The Ultimate Prize winner for technical invention of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

Workpiece Stage Core Technologies of the Lithography Machine

  • Enabling a technological leap forward of the workpiece stage in Chinese Lithography Machine to the same generation level as the most globally advanced NXT platform; A solid foundation has been laid for the research and development of China’s immersion lithography machine, and furtherly the extreme ultraviolet lithography machine products in the future.

Strategic Equipment and its Key Components

1). The World's most extensive Single Cylinder Die Forging Hydraulic Press-400 MN Aeronautical Precision Die Forging Hydraulic Press.

2). 360MN Vertical Extrusion Unit

3). 680kt Multifunctional Press Equipment

4). The low-pressure steam turbine rotor of the nuclear power plant is the chief component that determines whether China can independently manufacture Nuclear power equipment. In cooperation with Shanghai Electric, Tsinghua University has solved the fundamental metallurgical and mechanical problems in the past ten years and achieved independent manufacturing ability of the low-pressure steam turbine rotor. The related technologies have been applied to China's first 1000 MW nuclear power unit, "Hualong No.1," and the first exported unit of Karachi K2 and K3 projects, which are the landmark products of China in the power generation field and its industry. the fundamental problems

New High-Speed Parallel Robots

The First Prize Winner of China machinery industry science and Technology Invention Award; Silver Awarded for Distinguished Design in China.

Parallel Robot

Robotic System 1

Robotic System 2

Better Performance with Rated Payload comparing with Foreign Counterparts

Core Technologies and Industrial Applications: Design and Manufacturing of Large Rubber and Plastic Seals for High-end Equipment

For high-end equipment such as large-scale water turbine generator set, megawatt wind turbine, large and medium-sized shield machine, 10000 ton die forging press etc.:

l Achieved the first design method of large rubber and plastic dynamic sealing system in China

l Developed the integral forming technology for super large polyurethane seals

l Established The life prediction and reliability evaluation method of rubber plastic dynamic seal

l First prize of science and technology progress, Guangdong Province

l First prize of science and technology award of Machinery Industry.

Supersized Unibody Seal

Digital Design and Evaluation System for Rubber and Plastic Dynamic Seals

3. Admission for International Students

The UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM offered by the DME combines a broad education in the engineering sciences with a strong background in quantitative analysis, problem-solving, design, and communication skills. By emphasizing both analytical and creative methods, the mechanical engineering program provides students with the broad skill set required to pursue their goals. All admission-related matters will be implemented following university undergraduate admission regulations and requirement at

Tuition Fee: 30,000 RMB/YEAR

The GRADUATE EDUCATION offered by DME consists of both Master's and Doctoral programs in Engineering, which is designed to train students with solid theoretical and systematic professional knowledge and skills in the field of mechanical science and engineering, to make students capable of organizing scientific research independently along with expanding their international horizons and promoting their overall competitiveness.

DME Graduate Programs, by disciplines

Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology (AAST)


(M)-Master‘s Programs

33,000 RMB/Year

(D)-Doctoral Programs

40,000 RMB/Year

(ED)-Doctoral Programs in English

40,000 RMB/Year

For detailed information regarding graduate admission for international applicants(such as eligibility, schedules and admission process) , please refer to “Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua Univ. 2022For International Students

School of Mechanical Engineering accepts Bachelor Degree Holders to Pursue Doctoral Degrees. Bachelor degree holders for doctoral program application must meet all the generic requirements of the university, as well as the requirements of this school/department listed below:

1. The Minimum Requirement of Undergraduate GPA or Average scores:3.3/4 or B or 80/100

2. Chinese Proficiency Requirement: HSK band 4 with a score of 195 or above; English program applicants can be exempt from the HSK certificates.

3. Non-native English speakers must meet the minimum English proficiency requirement: TOEFL: 85/IELTS:6.5.

Please refer to the “Application Instructions for Bachelor's Degree Holders to Pursue Doctoral Degrees 2022” for further information and instruction.

For (ED)-Doctoral Programs in English in Mechanical Engineering, please also refer to 2022 English Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering

Research Specialties and Supervision of Research:

International graduate applicants are highly recommended to establish early contact with professors from DME for potential research supervision and pilot research project. A list of DME scholars and academicians can be found at

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Please refer to “Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua Univ. 2022For International Students” section “ Scholarships”.

4. Life @ DME

With an open culture of Tsinghua University, DME sincerely welcomes students from all over the world to expands the horizon of research and education beyond the walls and boundaries via communicating throughout the campus and the world.

5. Contact

Mr. Zhirong LIN

International & Foreign Affairs

Department of Mechanical Engineering(DME)

Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China

Office Hours: By Appointment

Tel: 86-010-62797628


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