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Mechanical engineering is considered as the basis of the industry. It is also among the foundations of realizing China's dream of becoming a powerful nation. At Tsinghua University, Department of Mechanical Engineering was initially founded in 1932, preceded by the Department of Mechanical Engineering in School of Engineering,  one of the earliest engineering departments in Tsinghua University. In 1952, after a series of adjustment to schools and departments in universities, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing was initialized. Since then, with a strong sense of duty and enthusiasm, faculties and staffs had been dedicating in fulfilling the national strategic demands and the progressive frontiers of mechanical engineering, exploring new fields of science, and made significant contributions to the national scientific and technological progress and talent cultivations. On December 27, 2012, with the approval of the University, the current Department of Mechanical Engineering (hereinafter referred to as DME) was established by integrating faculties specialized in mechanical engineering from the former Department of Mechanical Engineering and the former Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanics.

At present, there are 168 personnel in DME, including 48 full-time professors, 76 associate professors and 139 teaching faculties with doctoral degrees, plus 82 post doctors and 128 contractors that are extensively engaged in research activities. The research team of DME consists of scholars and talents that are playing leading roles in their fields, including 5 renowned fellow academicians of Chinese Academy of Science & Engineering, 9 winners of the National Outstanding Young Scholars Fund Award, 13 New Millennium Excellent Talents winning scholars,  a winner of the National Master in Teaching Award and 6 scholars are awarded The Teacher of Beijing.

Facilities and subdivisions of DME include the State Key Laboratory of Tribology (SKLT), Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing Technology, Beijing Key Laboratory of Precision/Ultra-precision Manufacturing Equipments and Control, Beijing Key Laboratory of Biofabrication and Rapid Prototyping Technology, The International Joint Research Laboratory for Innovative Design and Manufacturing of Advanced Mechanical Systems (IDM Joint Lab). DME also initialized multiple exampler centres namely the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre of Mechanical Engineering, the National Demonstration Centre of Virtual Simulation of Digital Manufacturing System of Teaching and Experiments, National Education Centre of Engineering Practice, National Demonstration Teaching Centre of Basic Mechanical in Engineering, Centre of Modern Test and Teaching, and Creative Design Laboratory. The Department of mechanical engineering has a high-level teaching and research team, including 3 renounwed academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Faculty members: 168

Associate Professors & Equivalent Positions: 25

Assistant Professors & Equivalent Positions: 76

Full Professors & Equivalent Positions: 48

Supporting Staffs: 19

Technical Staff and Engineers: 14

Administrative Staff: 5

Current Student in 2020:

Undergraduate: 536

GraduateMaster Candidates: 371

GraduatePh.D Candidates: 531

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A401, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Wudaokou, Haidian District, Beijing(School Map)

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