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2020 Tsinghua-Huazhong University of Science and Technology Joint Cloud Doctoral Academic Forum
Time: April 18 and 19, 2020, online Symposium

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While the campus is silenced by the COVID-19, the academic exchange shall not.

President XI encouraged on his visiting to Tsinghua University that “Science and technologies are the best ways of overcoming the diseases, human’s triumph over epidemics and disasters relies on science and technology progress and innovation” It is also a great encouragement to our faculties and students.

This doctoral academic forum, jointly organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, in conjunction with the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, will be conducted online in a form of webinar. Faculties and students are welcomed to join together “on cloud” as a new way of keeping, evening promoting, the academic exchanges of mechanical disciplines between the two universities.

There will be an organizing committee consisting of faculties and graduate students from graduate academic committee and graduate student associations of both universities, and will be in charge of the planning, call for papers, thesis collection and logistical management of the forum. The joint evaluation committee will invite scholars and senior outstanding doctoral students from both departments for the initial selection of papers, agenda making, the nomination of chairmen for different panels of the forum, evaluation of outstanding papers, etc. The Forum Supervision Committee will invite the academic heads and scholars from both departments to provide supervision for this forum.

Since this forum will be conducted as a webinar, different panels will be assigned to virtual webinar rooms in where participants can do online oral reports and interact with evaluation committees and audiences.

As usual, the forum is designed to have 2 major sessions: the poser sessions and the oral defense sessions with presentations

Anyone who has interest in participating please keep updated with the following emails or scan the QR code below for registration and call for papers.

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Schedules and Deadlines:

(1) Deadline for submission of application questionnaire:  March 15th, before noon

(2) The due date to submit an electronic version of application form and conference related paper works (a page-long abstract, see attachment for format): March 25th.

(3) PPT slides (for oral presentation participants) and Poster (poster session) should be submitted no later than 10th of April.

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