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All congratulations to the Award-Winning Teams from The Department of Mechanical Engineering in the 37th "Challenge Trophy" Contest, Tsinghua University.

On April 13, 2019, the final round panel defence of the 37th "Challenge Trophy" Science and Technology Contest in Tsinghua University was held. The hard work and commitment to excellence made 4 teams from DME the award winners. One led by Mr. Yu Chang's was awarded the outstanding prize, the team led by Mr. Wang Chen Zi won the second prize, Yi Xili's team and Zhang Xuanhe's team were awarded the third prize respectively.

批注 2020-04-15 104847.png

The Panel Defense

The outstanding prize-winning "Integrated Rod-Structure Robot for Complex Pipelines" demonstrates great innovativity in driving wheels, enabling the bot to move freely in a highly complex inner-pipeline environment. The high adaptabilities and agility of this bot make it ideal as the conduit inspections and repair vehicles. This prize and innovation were also seen reported on the university Weibo.

批注 2020-04-15 104848.png

Pipeline Robot Developed by Yu Chang Team

In the second prize-winning project "Smart Football Based on Inertial Measurement and Motion Analysis" led by Mr. Wang Chen Zi successfully embedded sensors and micro chipsets into a football to obtain the movement track of the football in three-dimensional space. This way of measurement provides an exciting way of training improvement for professional football players and enthusiasts.

批注 2020-04-15 104849.png

Smart Module in Smart Football

Mr. Yi Xili's team won the third prize with the project "Adaptive Internal Transmission System for Cycling". Through the flexible connection of the transmission system, the cam mechanism and ratchet mechanism automatically change the transmission ratio of the bicycle transmission system to realize the adaptive transmission.

批注 2020-04-15 104850.png

Principle Model of Bicycle Adaptive Internal Transmission System

Mr. Zhang Xuanhe and his team were awarded the third prize for the project "Sand Surface Modification and Emulsion Demulsification Application Based on Colloid Self-Assembly". In this project, the surface of the sandpile was carefully processed to be hydrophobic while leaving other parts untouched. This way succeeded in separating oil from water in the emulsion.

批注 2020-04-15 104851.png

Effect of Surface Modification of Sand Grains

All congratulations to fellow DME students who have been committed this contest with their talents and enthusiasms, also to faculties who provide guidance and supervisions to the contest project.  

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